The Interactive team, directed by Maurizio Pucci, trained and honed itself over the years to assure a valid support of professional search and integrated consultancy to client, proficiently in marketing and in all market research areas.
Professionals that since ever have operated in the international area adding high value to the research context, represent the very pulsing engine of company.

Maurizio Pucci 
Managing director 

After a managing career inside international companies such as Procter & Gamble and Shell Polimeri, in 1999 Maurizio founded Interactive. 
Graduated in Engineering with several specializations and masters, Maurizio leads the company working in first person on both national and international projects

Emanuele Alborghetti 
Business manager 

Emanuele begins his career in People, where he acquires the fundamentals of research, lately developed further in Ipsos where he held positions of increasing responsibility, finally becoming one of the leading figures in the marketing area, specializing in researches on innovation.

Luca Ghezzi 
International Research Director 

Luca boasts a ten-year expertise with assignments of growing responsability inside international companies such as Value Company and TIM.
Graduated in Engineering with a master in Company Management, today he, in first person, works on the International research Area.

Salvatore Borrelli 
Information Technology Director 

Salvatore has held offices of growing responsability as regards the IT systems in companies such as Pride / Ericsson and Italtel.
Two Master Degrees in Chemical Engineering and Computer Science, at Interactive he is responsible for the development and maintenance of the technological infrastructures.