Personal Interviews

Face to Face

Since 1999 Interactive operates in the field of Face to Face (F2F) interviews using both the PAPI (pen and paper interviews) and CAPI (computer assisted personal interviews) methodologies. In 2013 Interactive has completed more than 25.000 F2F interviews in Italy.

Shelf Test

Product packaging is a primary gateway for consumers to learn about brands and products. And if the on-shelf packaging does not have an impact, that communication will never take place – let alone the purchase.

Interactive has a number of market research tools and techniques that can help create or update packaging so that it has the impact to grab attention and the ability to communicate to consumers.

Interactive conducts online package tests where we can control the environment plus allow consumers to use Web tools to highlight their likes and dislikes of a package.

Eye Tracking

The full power of an eye-tracking tool in the palm of a hand, without loosing any detail!

  • Hot spot by single item or aggregated data
  • Gaze plot by single object and single task
  • Statistics make it possible to highlight the Areas of Interest into images including detailed date for a refined analysis