Mystery Clients Network

Mystery Client is a methodology used to check the actual quality of the service provided to clients by a point of sale, or the strenght of a brand in a multibrand point of sale. The methodology implies carrying out concrete commercial actions at the point of sale by persons behaving as real client, but whose real role is unknown to the point of sale managers and staff.

The main targets of the methodology are:

  • evaluating the quality of the service provided from two points of view
    • point of sale qualitative standards
    • behavior of the point of sale staff
  • checking the positioning of the brand under analysis with the competitors

In order to achieve these goals a precise definition of the quality standards under scrutiny is of crucial importance. Once those standards have been defined, they will be communicated to the directors and to the point of sales staff. This will likely have positive effects on the overall quality of the service by triggering a new policy for improving the current standards.

Regional Distribution of Mystery Clients in Italy