Interactive complies with the commitments undertaken with the trade-unions it belongs to and of which interprets and makes its own the international guide lines 

Interactive is linked to ASSIRM, that represents today the main Italian market research, opinion surveys, and social searches companies. 

Internationally speaking, Interactive teams up with ESOMAR and AIMR


ASSIRM  represents the main Italian market research, opinion surveys and social surveys companies. 

As a member, it respects the deontological code and the standards of quality certified ISO9001and formalized on the shared quality minimum standard and the self-discipline code that integrates that of ESOMAR


ESOMAR is the worldwide organization that promotes the quality of market researches. Interactive respects the international code regarding the social and market researches that has been worked out both by ESOMAR and the International Chamber of Commerce and it is supported by the main worldwide professional organism.


AIMRI - Alliance of International Market Research Institutes is an international organization that promotes the growth of institutes research globally.

AIMRI provides an opportunity for members to develop their business together globally with professionals around the world.